We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the fastest growing broadband service provider “North East Dataa Network P Ltd” serving various Corporate dealing in software, call centers, BPO’s etc with very high processing power from IBM class servers and Cisco Routing Platforms to help our customers run their business smoothly.


Premium Internet Services through Dedicated Leased Lines (ILL)


If you need uninterrupted bandwidth performance for your organization, North East Dataa Networks P Ltd. connects you to a Dedicated Internet port ensuring the dedicated port speed. The service is recommended for organizations requiring consistent Internet bandwidth. This service is available for ports varying from 64 Kbps to STM’s and so on. On the other hand, if you want to derive the benefit of extra bandwidth besides the committed speed, we connect you to a shared port. This service gives access to a committed bandwidth and option of pulling extra bandwidth subject to the application being used and the connections on to the port and is available in the ratios of 1:1, 1:2 & 1:4. Since we are a corporate dedicated Service providers we provide one of the “Best Services & SLA’s in the Industry “


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

North East Dataa Network P Ltd. is one of the few service providers in the country to offer Internet VPN service with the use of dedicated equipment and large-scale encryption so that the company remains in constantly connected with multiple fixed sites with a very secure firewall.


Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access.

FTTH promises connection speeds up to the high speed broadband from 256 Kbps to 100 Mbps, 20 to 100 times as fast as a typical cable modem or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection

Benefits of Being a NEDNPL Customer

• Highly reliable
• Multiple ring architecture
• Swift trouble shooting
• 24 x 7 NOC
• Integration of multiple technologies is possible




Small Office / Home Office (SOHO)

•We offers voice & data communications solutions to the Small Office / Home Office business (SOHO)